Thursday, September 10, 2009


Compiled by Zach Friend

U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer
Barbara Boxer asked the U.S. Forest Service to Focus Fuels Reduction on Vulnerable Areas in the following letter to Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack regarding fire protections.
"California is in the midst of another fire season. Firefighters are hard at work from one end of our state to the other, tirelessly and selflessly protecting lives and property. There are many lessons learned whenever we face the threat of wildfire. One of the most important is the need for the federal government to focus its limited resources on fuels treatment in areas nearest communities before a firestorm occurs.

Throughout our state, millions of people live in close proximity of public lands. Too often, dead or dying trees and chaparral, in many cases where fire has not occurred for decades, becomes the fuel for fires that cannot be controlled without a serious threat to people and the communities they live in.

“I recognize that the U.S. Forest Service’s resources for hazardous fuels reduction are overextended, and I am a strong supporter of increasing federal resources available for these activities. However, I believe that it is very important for the U.S. Forest Service to focus its existing fuels reduction programs in areas where the threat to communities is greatest. "

Congressman Sam Farr, 17th Congressional District

"My thoughts and prayers are with the Kennedy family. My career has allowed me to know three generations of Kennedys, and it would be difficult to find a more generous, dedicated people. Ted was a tireless champion for those who needed him most, a pioneer in civil rights, education, health care and poverty issues.

"Ted visited Monterey in 1972 to campaign for Julian Camacho during his bid for Congress. I'll never forget introducing him at a local fundraiser. I was just 31. I also serve on the same committee as Ted's son Patrick and we often talk about the success his uncle Jack had in creating the Peace Corps and the great influence Bobby had on my life.

"Ted will be greatly missed in Washington, both for his inspiring leadership and his profound generosity. I offer him my sincere thanks for his service to our country."

State Senator Joe Simitian, 11th Senate District
The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (the country's largest public utility) and
Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa released a letter in support of Senate Bill 14 by
State Senator Joe Simitian. The bill requires investor owned utilities, publicly owned utilities, and energy service providers to procure 33% of their electricity from renewable sources such as wind, solar and geothermal by 2020. SB 14 passed the Assembly Appropriations Committee last week, and is currently on the Assembly floor awaiting a vote.

Asm. Anna Caballero, 28th Assembly District
Assemblywoman Anna Caballero held a news conference to announce the introduction of
Assembly Bill 752, a water bond that will help solve California’s water crisis. California is experiencing its third year of drought and over five hundred thousand acres of farmland has been idled due to the lack of water. It is estimated that $1.5 billion of agricultural production in the Central Valley has been lost because of the lack of water.

“Farmers are unable to grow their crops and thousands of farm workers are out of work. This water bond will help restore the ecosystem, important habitat, and it will fix the infrastructure of the deteriorating Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta,” said Caballero.

“The Delta is a major source of drinking water for Northern and Southern Californians, and it provides needed irrigation water for agriculture from the Sacramento Valley to the Imperial Valley. We have to act now before it’s too late.”

AB 752 includes funds for surface storage, drought relief projects, water conservation, groundwater cleanup, and $3 billion in Delta sustainability improvements, such as levees, infrastructure protection, and water quality.

The water bond will also designate funds for advanced water recycling, desalination, storm water solutions, and water reuse. AB 752 will give California voters the opportunity to approve a water bond during the November 3, 2010 state general election if approved by both the Senate and Assembly.

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